Monday, September 17, 2007

crepes in bed

the wedding is over. it was wonderful. and the food was excellent, as expected.
we went on a honeymoon. it was also wonderful. and the food was ok, as expected.
when i get the photographers pics, i'll blog the wedding food.
until then, here's a short word about the food we ate on the honeymoon. we stayed at an all-inclusive resort that was perfect for relaxation, sunshine and fun. the food was good, but nothing to rave about. there was one highlight to mention, and that is crepes. there was a creperie on the resort that had a really fantastic mexican crepe (with caramel and nuts) served with homemade coconut ice cream. once we discovered this little gem, it became a nightly ritual to get the crepes to go and eat them in bed. yum:

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