Friday, February 13, 2009

the dagwood challenge

edit 2.13.09: i'm bumping this post to the top because of the comment i received last night. if mark is willing to allow me to document his efforts, i'm happy to return from hiatus. there's nothing that fascinates/horrifies/turns me on, more than competitive eating.

the premise is simple: eat a sandwich in under 30 minutes and you get a t-shirt and your picture on the wall.
simple, unless the sandwich is this monster:
behold, the dagwood from the ohio deli and restaurant. consisting of a whopping two and a half pounds of meat, a huge bun and accompanied by a hearty pile of fries. jim from cmh gourmand met the challenge and blogged about it here. his feat of strength and endurance got the folks at columbus underground talking and soon an event was born.

shortly after the competition began, we asked the waitress who held the record for eating the dagwood and she brought us this picture. 6 minutes?!?!?
11 competitors began this challenge, only 7 finished. sufficed to say, this was an amazing spectacle.

after finishing his sandwich, the fries and a piece of pie, this guy got a bloody nose. you heard it here: the dagwood may cause internal bleeding. jim, sporting his third "i defeated the dagwood" shirt.
the victors.

the ohio deli and restaurant
3444 south high street
columbus, ohio 43207



The 6 minute mark will be bested within 2 months. I am currently compiling a list of eating challenges for the state of Ohio and will be making pilgrimages throughout the year to take them down one by one. I will be retiring from competitive eating soon and I want to leave my "marks" throughout my home state. I will be starting my "adventure in gluttony" here in my hometown of Columbus with The Dagwood and the Thurmanator. I will then start venturing farther away from home to hit various burger and pizza challenges throughout the state. My results will be followed by a couple of local media outlets and I would like to post them here as well for all your loyal subscribers.

Mark Lyle "the human vacuum"

heather said...

this may be enticing enough for me to come off of hiatus. keep me posted. i love competitive eating.

heather said...

send me a message with your contact info, i'd like to check out your "adventure in gluttony". will you be competing in the wings of fire competition at the fiery foods fest on the 21st?


I will get you my info just don't pop it up on your blog last entry hit a competitive eating blog almost immediately. I will be competing in Chili on the 21st or I would def. be at Wings of Fire. They seem to always fall on the same day. Maybe I could get in touch with Mary at The North Market and see what she can do about that next year. ; )

FiberMama said...

I can't do it in six minutes I don't think but hoping to take on this sandwich soon!! I am also a 29 year old foodie and am new to Ohio would love to chat with you!