Monday, May 26, 2008

annual salmon roast at the hills market

even though salmon is not my favorite protein, the idea of a fresh fish being grilled for hundreds about a mile from my house was too good to resist. and i'm a sucker for food events. so the husband and i jumped in the car, met a friend at the hills market and got into a line that stretched almost to the end of the shopping center. the line moved quickly and hills had ingeniously set up product demos the entire way. the salmon sandwiches are served with the hills coleslaw and an onion sauce, both complimented the salmon well. this was a tasty sandwich! the aroma of the grill, the beautiful sunshine, live music and relaxed family picnic atmosphere really added to the experience. we chatted with the young men grilling the salmon, who told us the aroma of grilled salmon seeped into their pores enough that they didn't plan any dates for the couple of days following the roast. thanks for your sacrifice guys, it was well worth it.
the hills market maintains an excellent website where you can get tips on future food events (like wine tastings), read about featured products and all sorts of other tasty tidbits.

the hills market
7860 olentangy river road
columbus, ohio 43235
p: 614.846.3220


eatrunliveCBUS said...

I just want to thank you for this post. My husband and I drove up to The Hills today and found a new alternative to the North Market and Weilands. Thanks for the suggestion!

Motley Queue said...

We live up the 'hill' from the Hills and checked out the salmon roast too. It was great and a real value. I love having a community market right in my neighborhood. I'm heading to the wine tastings soon!

heather said...

i'll be at the spanish wine tasting thursday night. hope to see you there!

Emily said...

This looks awesome - I'm jealous! We're having a salmon recipe contest and awarding the creator of the best recipe with a Summer of Wild salmon - 15 lbs.! If you have a favorite recipe, please enter it at