Monday, June 30, 2008

the hulk

when i want something yummy, easy, good for you, and satisfying, this dish really fits the bill. i usually make "the hulk" pasta on sunday evening and parse it out for lunches that week. i call it "the hulk" for two reasons: as a tribute to a bonotogo pizza called the "hulk" that is topped with green toppings and because this is a really nutritionally dense dish that will make you as strong as the hulk.

the hulk pasta

1 lb whole wheat pasta (or barilla plus, which i prefer)
1/2 lb frozen edemame
1/2 lb frozen broccoli
1/2 cup prepared pesto (i like trader joe's)
pecorino romano

cook pasta, with 4ish minutes left, add broccoli and edemame to pot. drain and return to pot. add pesto. top with pecorino romano when serving.


Anonymous said...

i love to top my pesto with goat cheese. the cheapest goat cheese i've found is at the anderson's. the same exact goat cheese at giant eagle is about $3 more!

Buddah said...

Nice recipe, and has a cool look about it.

You going to go to the Weekend of Fire Show Aug 2-3 in Fairfield? If so, make sure you say hello to the boys of TTF. We will have our own little corner somewhere at JJ's.