Tuesday, August 5, 2008

rad dog meatless gourmet hotdogs

i love street food. and i love hot dogs. so when i heard about a new vegetarian hot dog vendor in town, i had to check it out.
rad dog veggie hot dogs doesn't disappoint, i think this is as good as vegetarian hot dogs get. a friend and i ate our dogs on a high street bench and thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace in the old lunch routine.
rad dog offers kraut, chili or peppers & onions for toppings in addition to the standard ketchup, mustard and relish. they also offer blue sky soda (made with real sugar!) and delicious vegan cookies from pattycake bakery. yummy, cheap, healthy and fun! rad dog moves around town, so check out his website to see where you can catch him.


Ashley V. Routson said...

Mmmm sounds fantastic. And the price is perfect. Too bad I don't work downtown anymore ... DAMN THE MAN.

plumpdumpling said...

Hey, I know that hotdog salesman! I just had to write on my friend's Facebook Wall and ask if her husband is selling meatless dogs now. What a small world.

And now I have to link her here.

Citygrrrrl said...


i stumbled across your blog, because i use google as a spell checker and i wanted to make sure i spelled sopressata right, and your blog came up.

i am just about to write a post about my recent foray to the italian market here in philly, so i thought i'd leave a comment to a fellow food lover.

like your blog!

Epic Century said...

The vendors Name is Todd. He sets up at the Cap City Cyclocross series. His website can be found at


Molly said...

this looks amaazing