Sunday, February 10, 2008

bistro 86, asian fusion

hidden in a strip of industrial grandview real estate, bistro 86 is coming up with some really intriguing and fresh fusion flavors.
we started with the bistro 86 croquettes - "a signature dish of japanese sticky rice, pork and romano, fused with a special blend of seasoning". the appearance and crisp exterior were appealing. the inside tasted good but was so sticky they were a bit unpleasant to eat. within the first bite my lips, teeth and tongue were hopelessly coated. the flavor of the filling reminded me of a processed pizza snack, something akin to totino's pizza rolls or a hot pocket.

my dining companion had the sesame chicken. the chicken was fresh and lightly battered, obviously prepared by the kitchen rather than from a preprepared frozen bag. this was a nice departure from average asian fare. the sauce was tangy and sweet with a slightly smokey background.
i started with the chicken corn soup, it was similar to egg drop soup with the addition of corn. the flavor was subtle with a full bodied texture, great for a cold day.
my obsession with pad thai compelled me to order the southwestern pad thai, even though i had my doubts about how good it would be. i pleasantly surprised by a dish that was a perfect fusion of southwest flavors and the classic pad thai. everything really worked and it was very tasty. high quality chicken & fresh veggies with the perfect sauce/noodle ratio. i love the caramelization added to the corn from cooking in the wok.
i've got to say i'm intrigued and plan to go back for more of this authentic fusion.

bistro 86
1223 goodale boulevarde
grandview, ohio 43212
614.223.1288 phone
614.223.1188 fax


Imma said...

Hello! I've just finished to visit your whole blog and I really enjoyed it! I like the way you tell your storis and I'm salivating in frot of your recipe!!! I'll visit you often! Ciao

I'm Italian (first generation) and I live in Houston!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!
If you haven't already please check out some other dining pics from Columbus on Your pictures of Bistros 86 entrees would be a great addition.

Megan said...

I've just happened upon your blog. Thanks for the review. I pass by Bistro 86 twice a week, and I've wondered about it.

AzĂșcar said...

I, too, am obsessed with Pad Thai. I think it's a problem.

Meg said...

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Anonymous said...

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