Sunday, February 3, 2008

dates with manchego and walnuts

here's an elegant little appetizer that can be made a day in advance and tastes better together than three simple ingredients should. the dates are sweet, the manchego has a bit of a bite and the walnuts add a nice clean and crunchy element. and let's face it, if you're trying to pull off a nice dinner for guests, you don't really have time to be fussing around finishing off appetizers and finishing dinner and entertaining your guests and being the consummate hostess. if you do assemble them the night before, be sure to allow them to fully come up to room temperature before serving.
what you'll need: pitted dates (sliced open), whole walnut halves (cut in half) and a smallish hunk of manchego cheese. put those babies together and enjoy!


Emiline said...

This is such a simple appetizer, but I can see people really enjoying this.
Date, walnuts, Manchego. It's kind of Spanish/Moroccan isn't it?
I looove Manchego.

heather said...

manchego is spanish. it's made from the whole milk of manchega sheep. and interestingly it is protected by denominacion de origen (similar to champagne and serrano ham). so, only manchego that is produced in la mancha can legally be called manchego. it's good, i'd like to find other tasty ways to use it.

AzĂșcar said...

Great combo, I've never thought of putting dates with Manchego. I'm Spanish, so I'm a little nuts about Manchego. I'm afraid my favorite way of eating it is the most Spanish/pedestrian: on a crusty baguette with jamon serrano. It's simple, but so delicious.