Wednesday, May 16, 2007

farmer's market treats

the worthington farmer's market is back and my withdrawal symptoms are beginning to subside. because it's early in the season, there wasn't much produce to be had (other than asparagus & rhubarb) but i did come back with some favorites i've been craving all winter.

sweet thing gourmet, created by kyla touris, has a fantastic selection of gourmet jams and biscotti. and although i'll branch out to other flavors as the season progresses, strawberry champagne jam is my favorite. her raspberry jalapeƱo and ginger peach jams are fantastic as well. sweet thing gourmet is made with only ohio fruit and is hand-stirred in small batches. her jams capture the impossibly fresh flavor of fruit picked at its peak. yum!

sweet thing gourmet
479 north stanberry avenue
bexley, oh 43209

pleiades maple products, purveyors of a large line of maple goodies started making maple butter this year! i have a maple weakness and maple butter is a treat that is hard to find. for the past few years, i have hopefully asked every maple vendor i know if they make it and until last week i have always been disappointed. maple butter has the sweet and rich flavor of maple with the creamy goodness of butter. so delicious!

pleiades maple products
eddie lou meimer
3870 twp rd 115
mt. gilead, oh 43338


cindy said...

I talked to Kyla last week at the Worthington Market, unfortunately, due to the late freeze we had, her regular supplier of local blueberries is short on blueberries. So Kyla will probably not be making any of her blueberry jams, including my favorite lemon blueberry. :( I did pick up vanilla pear jam and brandied raspberry though, which are both delicious.

Jen - said...

ah, the Worthington Farmer's Market, hooray! We'll have to meet up some Saturday AM - I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. :)