Saturday, June 9, 2007

saturday morning ritual

every saturday morning, my bff and i go to the farmer's market in worthington. this much sacred saturday morning ritual always begins with the same breakfast from la chatelaine: two slices of sour dough bread, strawberry jam and colombian coffee.

two things are certain: i will over fill that tiny little cup and the staff at la chatelaine will be uninterested in providing us with good service. i've come to view their disinterest in customer service with humor and this just adds to the enjoyment of our saturday morning ritual.

next up is to make our rounds to the vendors. i usually get a lot of the same things but i try to seek out a new goodie now and then. this week i waited in a crazy long line to get strawberries from crum farm. the berries proved to be worth the wait. they were sweet, juicy and all perfectly ripe. i also got one of my favorite veggie treats - fresh peas in the pod from pop and judy. i've been snacking on these goodies all day.


Dave said...

I like La Chatelaine too (and have come to "appreciate" their service as well. Very French.

The strawberries this year are small but nice. I got some at North Market last Saturday.

Anne said...

I had some at my parents last weekend that they got at a strawberry farm. I could have eaten all 5 pints! ^_^

I need to get to a market!!