Monday, June 11, 2007

union cafe - documented dining

the other day a friend and i ate at union cafe, occupying the space that the defunct frezno's once did. i'm a sucker for a new restaurant so we went over for lunch. i've got to say, the interior of this restaurant is more beautiful than almost any other restaurant in columbus. a dazzling array of materials and textures give the space a very rich feel and yet it's clean and modern. it's very enjoyable to spend time in the union cafe. the scenery when surveying the clientèle was almost as pleasing. some awfully pretty men were seated at the bar. speaking of which, the bar has soft up lighting that hits the faces of the people seated there, i can't imagine anyone looking bad in this light. anyway, back to food. what we ate was tasty and the service was good. i had a crab cake sandwich and my friend had the roasted chicken sandwich.

union cafe
782 north high street
columbus, oh 43215

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