Tuesday, March 20, 2007

butternut squash soup

oh how i love butternut squash. the smell of a freshly cut butternut squash is so delicate and delicious, it's almost intoxicating. i could write poetry about butternut squash.
instead, i'll just make this fantastic soup:

butternut squash soup

1 butternut squash, medium
1 onion, medium
couple of tbs olive oil
4ish cups of chicken stock
1/2 tbs marjoram
cayenne pepper, to taste (i use a lot!)
pepper (quite a few grinds)
salt, to taste
~1/4 cup cream cheese

the proportions of this recipe are fluid. don't stress. just put in what you have and it's going to be good.
dice the onion and saute with olive oil in stock pot or dutch oven until soft. meanwhile, dice the squash. here's the method i use: use veggie peeler to peel squash. cut off ends. cut in half lengthwise. scoop out seeds. dice. lather. rinse. repeat.
add squash, seasonings and stock to pot. simmer until squash is soft, maybe 20 minutes.
add cream cheese and use a stick blender to puree. for this version, i used honey nut cream cheese. yum.

this is a relatively low cal, inexpensive, quick and easy recipe. it's a lunch box staple in my house.