Sunday, March 11, 2007

yuzu - featured product

the first time i heard about yuzu was on top chef. i was intrigued because a google search described the taste as being somewhere between a grapefruit and a lime. it sounded delicious, these are my two favorite citrus fruits.
trader joe's has just started offering yuzu spread (analogous to marmalade) so i picked some up.
i had it over a crumpet (also from joes). the crumpet tasted like a cross between pancake and an english muffin. it was slightly spongy with lots of air pockets and crisped up nicely in the toaster.
on to the yuzu: the texture was delicate and the tart and slightly bitter flavor of the yuzu was smoothed out by a mellow sweetness. not too tart and yet not cloying. this is pretty tasty, i'll definitely buy it again.
i plan to use it in a sweet and spicy asian stir fry in the the next few days, stay tuned for that.

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