Saturday, March 17, 2007

restaurant review: soluna cafe

soluna cafe is located on the ground floor of the surgical and heart center at grant medical center. the menu seemed right up my alley for lunch fare and it's within walking distance from work so some coworkers and i headed over last week.

first impressions:
  • the interior of the cafe was well thought out and has a nice zen-like feel. lots of natural wood and stone. we luxuriated in each other's company for a considerable amount of time after we ate and lingered a bit more before we left.
  • the service staff is very friendly and helpful. way more cheerful than your average fast-casual cafe staff.
  • i appreciate how detailed their nutrition info online is. being that i watch calories now and then and soup/sandwiches can be deceptively gluttonous, it was nice to know exactly what i was eating.
this being said, i ordered all the wrong things. the southwest chicken panini i ordered was alright (too crunchy, it tore up the roof of my mouth) but i would have been happier with the flat bread and soup. both looked awesome (and lower cal than the panini). had i not been reeled in by the caramelized onions and chipotle mayo, i might have been able to think clearly enough to choose the soup and red grape and goat cheese flat bread.
they serve starbucks coffee and seem to make about 80% of the menu that a stand alone starbucks store offers - bonus.
my coworkers raved about their meals. i'll definitely be going back once the weather warms up and we get back into the habit of walking places for lunch.
and for those of you who are looking to cruise hot doctors, soluna has a captive audience ;)
these pics aren't that great, i hesitate to put my fingers on other people's lunch to style it for a shot.
southwest chicken panini

roasted vegetable soup and red grape and goat cheese flat bread

roast beef wrap with the veggie soup

i said there were doctors...
ahh, zen...

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Jen said...

ahhh, Soluna. You're right, the picture of my lunch leaves something to be desired...could have turned the soup bowl seam away from the camera, and could have moved the whole thing slightly to the left to avoid the crack between two and learn. :) I'm loving your food blog! So glad you created it.