Thursday, March 8, 2007

laying in supplies

i placed an order for 10 lbs of veal bones with carfagna's today. if i'm lucky they'll be here next friday and i can spend the following sunday making my own veal stock. this will be my first real foray into making homemade stock. i'm looking forward to all the delicious things i can parlay this stock into. first and foremost on the list is demi glace. because i enjoy reading anthony bourdain, i'm going to use his method for making veal stock and demi glace.
due to my slightly compulsive nature, i couldn't bear the thought of putting my mish mash of leftover containers to use in storing this precious stock. so i stopped by my local gfs and purchased some plastic deli containers (in 16 oz. and 32 oz. sizes) and 1 oz. containers for small portions of demi glace. the thought of combining a new culinary adventure and compulsive organization, nirvana!

next, i'm getting ready to launch a new weekly feature. "product of the week" will feature a single product that may be new, unique, interesting or just catches my fancy. where applicable, i'll talk about how to use this product in the kitchen and maybe share some recipes.

stay tuned!

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