Tuesday, April 17, 2007

beeb's deli: documented dining

i've been interested in beeb's since i read an article (in the dispatch's food section?) where the purveyors were quoted as saying they had researched delis for almost a year prior to opening their doors. i'm game for trying anything someone worked on for a year before launching. on a recent day off after perusing the library for new cookbooks (found one! more on that later) i stopped in for lunch.

upon entering, you step into a vestibule with a large scale menu mounted on the wall. i really like this because there are times when i want to spend 10 solid minutes pouring over a menu to make the perfect selection. no pressure from a goofball at the cash register giving you the "it's lunch, not marriage, just choose already" look. i chose the create your own option and came up with a grilled turkey sandwich on 8 grain bread with lettuce, tomato, black olives and tomato basil mayo. the sandwich was delicious. in true deli style, the sandwich had a larger quantity of turkey than i perfer. i recognize this is my issue, not beeb's. the turkey was extremely flavorful and all of beeb's meats are msg and preservative free. the tomato mayo was awesome. i'd buy it by the quart if they sold it. the bread was soft & delicate but still had a great grainy texture. sandwiches are served with salt and pepper kettle chips and a half pickle. very good. the interior is bright and comfortable and the service is fast and friendly. i'll definitely go back.

beeb's deli
76 powell road (near the intersection of rts. 23 & 750)
lewis center, oh 43035