Sunday, April 15, 2007

cameron's: documented dining

ideally, a restaurant review is the result of many visits to an establishment and tasting a wide variety of their menu offerings. however, there are times when i have a fabulous meal out but don't have the info or inclination to do a full review. enter, documented dining. documented dining is a review of a meal, not the a definitive review of a restaurant. here's the first installment, from a wonderful evening at cameron's.

first course:
for my birthday dinner this year, we started with the buttermilk fried calamari. l loved the creole tartar and the chili pepper jam. the batter was a little less crisp than i like but over all it was a tasty dish. i think next time i'd like to try the goat cheese beignets. the fiance had a warm goat cheese salad to start. a slice of warm goat cheese is served next to a salad of field greens, pancetta, sun dried cherries, pine nuts and port wine vinaigrette. seriously good.

the fiance had the soy glazed salmon with wasabi sticky rice. the salmon was wrapped in nori (cute play on sushi) and was served with lemongrass butter and hoisen sauces. i'm not a big fan of salmon but this dish was outstanding. it has me wondering if i could duplicate the wasabi sticky rice.
contrary to my vegetable-loving nature, i ordered the "steak that surfs". the plate was comprised of a ny strip, 2 buttermilk fried shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus and a housemade steak sauce. everything was excellent. the housemade steak sauce was what enticed me to order the dish but i couldn't find much evidence of it on the plate.

i loved every bite of the meyer lemon gratin. it was light, delicate and not too tart.
the fiance had the new orleans bread pudding. the consistency was just right and i loved the golden raisins.