Saturday, April 14, 2007

greek panini

here's another olive bar special. warm feta, mmm...
if you've got a panini press, put it to work. if not, put the panini in a non-stick pan, place flat metal turner on top of the sandwich and then place a soup can on top of the turner to weight it down.

greek panini

2 slices italian bread
olive oil spread (or butter)
artichoke heart
roasted tomatoes
cippolini onions
zucchini, sliced with a vegetable peeler and marinated in greek vinaigrette
quindilla peppers
sliced greek olives

slice ingredients and assemble panini. grill until golden brown.

clockwise: artichoke heart, roasted tomatoes, feta, cippolini onions, zucchini, quindilla peppers, peppadews, sliced greek olives (center)

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