Wednesday, April 4, 2007

ice cream so good...

...that it prompted a marriage proposal.

ok, i'm not saying the proposal was 100% due to the ice cream, but the fiance did ask me to marry him over a cone of handel's chocolate pecan.

this youngstown phenomenon, started in 1945, is now available all over ohio, in pennsylvania, indiana, virginia and california.

what makes handel's so great is the absolute quality of all the ingredients they use. for example, the chocolate pecan is chocked full of huge, salty, half pecans. mmm. so good. there are some other delicious flavors (tiramisu, spouse like a house, coconut cream pie and chocolate peanut butter ripple, to name a few) but the chocolate pecan is so good, it's all we really get. the fiance has taken to calling handel's "the chocolate pecan store". youngstown natives tell stories of people lined up around the block all day long when handel's opened on the first day of the season.

don't believe me? ask national geographic, who named handel's the best ice cream on the planet.

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Connie said...

Happy Birthday Hope you have a wonderful day. Aunt Connie